The RB16, Checo Pérez’s new car

The 2021 season of Formula 1 begins to warm up with the presentation of the new cars of the teams for this year and this day Mexico was more aware than ever of the information that from early morning came from England, as Red Bull Racing It featured the first images of the RB16B, the new Checo Pérez car.

The Red Bull was the only car that last season that could really put up with you for you with the mighty Mercedes, adding two victories and eleven more podiums, leading the Austrian team to be the second force in the top flight.

With a revolution in the rules of the car getting ready for 2022, Red Bull opted to make an important evolution in the RB16, which is why it placed the letter B on this car, retouching key elements with the genius of Adrian Newey and his group of engineers and mechanics, who have built cars that have won four world championships and finished in the top 3 of the category in six of the most recent seven seasons.

The key elements that this vehicle evolves are a small variation in the air inlet of the tip and the side of the nose, where we can find new, larger and more pronounced fins, as well as new housings in the ventilation ducts of the brakes.

The middle area of ​​the car is practically the same, except for some details of tuning in the spoilers other aerodynamic elements of the car.

While in the back a detailed gill work is visible on the sides of the spoiler, as well as the cut floor, the latter by obligation of the regulation. The central wing of the spoiler also went from having two pieces to a single central one, which in the lower part wraps the exhaust outlet.

It also has new sponsors, courtesy of Checo Pérez, such as América Móvil firms: Telcel, Infinitum and Claro, as well as Inter Protección, which join a more important presence of Honda, Red Bull’s engine supplier, in the rear wing and at the tip of the nose.

Although Checo Pérez’s handling has always been very clean and precise, he will now have the support of one of the toughest cars on the grid, because for several years the Austrian team has presented a car that withstands battles very well. wheel to wheel and forgive some mistakes of the driver, especially the impetuous Max Verstappen, such as track starts and spins, without affecting the performance of the vehicle in the rest of the race.

This is possible as Red Bull spends many hours of work in an impact laboratory, better understanding the weaknesses of these imposing cars and working to reduce those areas that could potentially leave them out of competition.

Despite the fact that Red Bull published images of a test of Checo in one of their cars, it was carried out in the RB15, the car they raced in 2019 and will be until the pre-season training sessions, from March 12 to 14 , who will take control of the RB16B on what must be his favorite track today, the Bahrain track, where he won his first Formula 1 Grand Prix last year.