The R&B and jazz sensation who won a 2021 Grammy nomination

Although many speak of pop, hip-hop and the urban call as the most listened to rhythms today. But put your hand down R&B, soul, its derivatives are present in the vast majority of songs we hear on the radio and as a result of that, very talented and young artists are emerging from all over the world, who have demonstrated the quality to become the next figures of this genre, such as Giveon.

With only 25 years old, this young man from california is living the dream. Relatively recently he released his first record works, which were critically acclaimed, but beyond the success that the specialized press may predict for him and at his age, He made his debut on one of the most important shows in the United States and won a nomination for the most important awards in the music industry, the Grammy.

Giveon: The Young R&B and Jazz Sensation Who Won a 2021 Grammy NominationGiveon: The Young R&B and Jazz Sensation Who Won a 2021 Grammy Nomination

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Who is Giveon?

Giveon Dezmann Evans was born on February 21, 1995 in Long Beach, California, in the middle of a family that is passionate about music. That is why from a very young age he began to listen to some jazz artists from the 60s and 70s, but just like all those who at some point wanted to dedicate themselves to this wonderful art, her parents asked her to finish school and then dedicate herself to what she likes the most.

And so he did, finishing his ‘traditional’ studies at Long Beach Polytechnic High School while I learned to sing and took piano lessons. Finally, at age 18 and after polishing his style, managed to get a scholarship to one of the music education programs at the Grammy museum, where thanks to his talent and ability he was able to stand out from the rest of his teammates, starting a very interesting career.

Giveon: The Young R&B and Jazz Sensation Who Won a 2021 Grammy NominationGiveon: The Young R&B and Jazz Sensation Who Won a 2021 Grammy Nomination

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Releasing their first single and going on tour

Taking advantage of the fact that he is one of many young people who know very well how to use technology, Giveon recorded, produced and self-released his first single “Garden Kisses” in August 2018. This is a song that has that California beachy vibe, but is also very interesting because it plays with jazz elements, but mostly because it you can hear the baritone voice that characterizes him so much in all its splendor.

Little by little, this young man was making noise within the Long Beach scene and for 2019 he launched “Like I Want You”. Here, he shows us that R&B and soul are in their blood, because he manages to envelop us in all kinds of emotions and textures through his song, and right after this he was the guest of another very young and talented artist, Snoh Aalegra to open his scheduled dates in Europe and the United States.

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Teaming up with Drake

After discovering it on the internet, just as he has done with artists the size of Jorja Smith (Over here we tell you about it), Drake contacted Giveon to record a song together. The result was “Chicago Freestyle”, a song they released on SoundCloud and YouTube where they both made a spectacular dumbbell, mixing the rhymes of the Canadian singer with the voice of the Californian artist.

But while they worked together the young man began work on what would become his debut EP, Take Time, which he recorded after signing a contract with Epic Records and Not So Fast. Finally, in March 2020, this record material was released, which managed to enter the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart, but in addition to the public, it was also acclaimed by contemporary music critics, who described it as an impressive album.

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2020 was his best year yet

As if this wasn’t enough in May 2020 “Chicago Freestyle” finally hit streaming platforms along with Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes. Thanks to this, thousands of people from all over the world had a chance to listen to GiveonTo give you an idea, it reached number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, being its first hit on this list; Furthermore, it became a top 40 single in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland.

And as it already demonstrated, This young man has enormous creativity and does not know how to be still. That is why in September 2020, he announced the release of his second EP of the year, a four-song material entitled When It’s All Said and Done, October 2 was available and this record material debuted at number 93 on the Billboard 200, a great place considering you are an emerging artist.

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Her first Grammy nomination and television appearance

With a rapid rise in attention from much of the music industry, Giveon’s singles “Stuck on You” and “Like I Want You” began to enter a number of R&B charts in late 2020. the latter being certified as gold by the Recording Industry Association of America in December of that year.. However, at 25 years old and with a career on the rise, he did not think that the best was yet to come.

During this time, earned his first Grammy Award nomination when his EP Take Time appeared in the category of Best R&B Album. for the 2021 awards, sharing with John Legend, Gregory Porter, Luke James and Ant Clemons. Also, he debuted on television, when he was one of the musical guests on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, where he masterfully performed his single “Stuck on You”.

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What makes Giveon special?

As we mentioned before, we live in an age where R&B seems to have a huge revivalPerhaps it is because many young people have decided to embrace this genre and champion a kind of movement that is not only present in the United States. In much of the world, artists from all sides are taking it to show their talent, But Giveon’s case is different because he has something that makes him a musician.

To get started, his lyrics are one of his strengths, because they do not only speak of love and its counterpart. This young man tries to send a message of encouragement and positivism at a time when we all need it, although perhaps what makes it unique is the way he performs his songs and that great baritone voice What do you have to be honest? we very seldom listen in genres like this.

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If yours is to listen to an artist who makes their skin crawl with his way of singing, who transmits emotions with each word that sounds in his songs and who knows how to connect with all of us through them, they cannot let pass Giveon. A young man with a short career paint to do wonderful things and above all (here we forecast it), it will be the banner of R&B in the future and will give a lot to talk about.