The rap video that is a FinTech campaign

When one thinks of FinTech, that is, companies that leverage new technologies for the development of activities in the financial industry, one can first think of the interesting numbers that they present, for example, in the case of Latin America, one can speak that the market for these companies could exceed $ 150 billion in value this year, according to Techtic. You can also think about the multiple activities or solutions that they have developed and that can be most interesting for users of financial services. On the other hand, something that is hard to believe is that they can spend a part of their time creating rap music videos to promote themselves instead of doing more “traditional” advertising campaigns. However, one FinTech decided to challenge that belief by developing a campaign that can be tended more like a rap video – although when it comes to creativity to promote a business the options are limitless. This time we will know the details of the effort called “Expensify Th! $” By Expensify and the agency JohnXHannes.

Expensify Th! $: The Music Video That Is Campaign

As detailed by the entities involved in this campaign, many people do not associate rap videos with financial technology companies, however considering that the Expensify brand does not see itself as any other firm in the Fintech segment, rather they seek Being a company that lets people be what they were born to do, they launched the “You Weren’t Born to Do Expenses” campaign from which Expensify Th! $ is derived, with rapper 2 Chainz, whom they consider was born to be a superstar of the rap world. So, before considering a more “normal” campaign for their proposal, they decided to create the first burnable music video, which is also a product demo.

Through this material, viewers were able to experience technology in the Expensify app in an entertaining and fun way. Something that no one has done before, and that was even the first Expensify ad campaign in its history.

As interesting details of the material present above, it stands out that on January 24, 2019, rapper 2 Chainz released a new single for the world. I love few days this became number one in hip-hop trends in the field of music in the United States, and the third most popular video in that same region within YouTube. What most didn’t know is that it was the most elaborate product demonstration in history. Expensify Th! $ Can be understood as the first video you can spend on.

An original track and video was created for it featuring the aforementioned rapper, showing receipts equivalent to half a million dollars. With it, the public could take a photo of the receipts in order to get a cash refund, which is exactly how the Expensify app works in real life.

The material seen also arrived, in an edited version, at the Super Bowl that same year, while the campaign managed to coincide well with the release of a new album by the rapper. Leveraging the excitement over the event, the brand was integrated into this single and the video.

With the planned strategy, known as “bottom-up”, the brand managed to insert itself into pop culture and reach millions of mobile device users.

Among the highlights of the effort for Expensify Th! $ Is that they first embarked on a pro-month collaboration with 2 Chainz, producer Mustard, and SNL writers to create the track about spending money, showcasing expensive items, and integrating the application. Then came interactive video material from which people could scan codes and receive cash reimbursements.


Among the achievements achieved by this campaign, the first thing mentioned is the car regarding Expensify Th! $ Managed to return the number one song in hip-hop trends of that year in the United States and the number 3 video in the musical section YouTube, getting more than 12 million views in its first 2 weeks.

In terms of results for the app, it saw an increase of 1,400 percent more new customers, a traffic increase of 634 percent, the most important jump in the ranking of Apple’s App Store, a sentiment of 97 percent brand positive, $ 60 million in earned media, 7 billion media impressions, and coverage of more than 500 media globally.

As if the above were not enough, in the 2019 edition of Cannes Lions, 13 recognitions were achieved, including 2 golden lions, one in Entertainment for Music and another for the Film Craft category.

Campaign credits

Client: Expensify

Campaign name: Expensify Th! $

Agency: JohnXHannes

Production: Biscuit Filmworks