The ranking of companies committed to occupational welfare emerges

If you consider that your company can be a Hero Company and has managed to build a positive work environment, you have until November 30, 2020 to register it. Check the bases here:


Assessment methodology

For Live 13.5 ° Transparency in the selection process is essential, therefore it does not intervene in the evaluation. This analysis work will begin in December and will be in charge of the Happy Work Foundation, who are an international benchmark in research on organizational well-being. In addition, there will be auditors who supervise all stages of the evaluation process.

On the other hand, the profiles of the jury (Hero Hunters) are internationally recognized. They are made up of CEOs of global companies, international consultants on organizational happiness and well-being, researchers, academics and directors of International Human Resources associations.

The methodology has been designed with strict scientific rigor, developing specific metrics to assess 18 categories that allow determining the vulnerability index to psychosocial risk and the Organizational Happiness index of each company.

The evaluation process consists of 4 phases:

1. Survey: 72 questions from 18 categories, at least 70% must be approved.

2. Evidence: Evidence that supports wellness and happiness initiatives.

3. Pitch: A video where the finalists convince the jury why they deserve to be HEROINES.

4. Hero Hunters: Validation of the world-renowned Jury.

To be part of the Ranking, the evaluation process must be passed a minimum of 70%. In April 2021 the final results will be revealed with the names of the first Heroin Companies.