The Ramón de Carranza changes its name: it will be called Nuevo Mirandilla

Another one from Kichi. The iconic Ramón de Carranza Stadium, the temple of Cádiz Football Club, stop calling from this Thursday like that. The Cádiz City Council, owner of the municipal stadium, began a participatory process long ago to change the name of the stadium since this, according to the new Law of Historical Memory and the Andalusian Democratic Memory Law, could not be tolerated. From today, and after the vote of the people of Cadiz, the new name will be New Mirandilla Stadium.

This whole transition has been very controversial in Cadiz for the years of history that the yellow fiefdom has with the name of Ramon from Carranza. The Cádiz city council has insisted, in compliance with the aforementioned laws, that the Ramon de Carranza He was a participant in the coup d’état in Spain in 36 and that this has a close connection with the Franco dictatorship, hence this process for the change of name began.

The vote on the new name of the stadium, according to the Cádiz City Council, has had 1,270 votes to determine what would be the new name for the Cadista temple. Thus, validating 1,068 of the votes, the new name of the Ramon from Carranza happens to be New Mirandilla Stadium. Only those who were registered in the city of Cádiz and provided they were of legal age could access it. The same has been carried out through the transparency portal of the consistory – a first vote was carried out a few weeks ago but it was declared void – and for it the interested parties have had seven days.

Thus, among the options that the people of Cadiz had, New Mirandilla has been the most voted with a 25.8% of the votes, more than one in four voters chose that name to replace the old Ramón de Carranza Stadium. The rest of the options that were considered were Silver Cup, with 17.8% of the votes; closely followed by Cadiz city, with 15.9%; after her Bay of Cadiz, with 14.2%; the option Gadir obtained 12% of the votes. Already below 10% there are three other options Gades (7.2%), La Pepa (4%) and From the lagoon (two%).

Thus, one of the emblems of summer in the world of football will cease to exist. The Ramón de Carranza Trophy, one of the most emblematic tournaments in Spain during the summer, will cease to exist after the new name of the Cadista stadium, New Mirandilla. 65 editions has to date is a tournament that has the Athletic from Bilbao as his last champion in the 2019 edition. Athletic from Madrid, with 10 titles, it was the club that had lifted this trophy the most times. The Cadiz, for his part, will close his tournament with eight titles and seven runners-up

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