The radical proposal of a Canadian virologist to stop COVID-19

Jason kindrachuk, a Canadian virologist at the University of Manitoba, has reacted to the notable increase in cases in the city of Alberta. To limit contagions, he has made a radical proposal: avoiding all kinds of in-person socialization, as collected by GlobalNews.

“People should cut down on any social contact they have, whether at home, in a restaurant or simply in a meeting for coffee. All these things we would have to put aside, the reason is that the virus is being transmitted really without limitations. “

In your opinion, “toThe virus does not care if we are two meters from each other or three meters from each other. “ For this reason, it ensures that the reduction of the spread of the pathogen depends on if sanitary recommendations are implemented and followed, Independently of whether you are at home or in a restaurant.

New restrictions

Jason kenney, Prime Minister of the province of Alberta, announced last Thursday new restrictions. Among the decreed measures, requested that citizens not receive people in their homes, and that in case of need to socialize, this done outdoors or in structured settings like a restaurant.

For that reason, he argued that “There have been zero hospitalizations and zero deaths attributable to an outbreak in a restaurant, bar or pub.”. This was ratified by the Alberta Health service: “Restaurants and other operators can ensure that measures are implemented within their establishments to limit risky activities; this it’s a more controlled environment than private gatherings. “