The radical design change of Android 12, in leaked images

The news of Android 12, in video and images: all the interface changes that will arrive with the new version are filtered.

With one day to go until Google I / O 2021 begins, an event in which Google will present Android 12, a leak revealed by youtuber Jon Prosser, has revealed all the details of the Google’s new operating system design, which with its twelfth version will receive one of the deepest face washes in its history.

According to the youtuber, the shared images have been taken directly from one of the presentations that Google has prepared for the Google I / O of this Tuesday. In them, you can see the different user interface elements that will change with the new edition of Android, plus some details that give us even more clues about what is to come.

One of the new Android 12 themes.

Best animations, themes and much more on Android 12

For a long time, we knew that Android 12 would be one of the biggest changes in the history of the operating system in terms of user interface. The first three previews for developers have already introduced great news in this regard, and everything indicates that the beta version, to be released tomorrowIt will be the true revolution for which Google had been paving the way for some time.

Android 12 widgets and interface elements

The new widgets and interface elements of Android 12.

As Android 12 features extracted from Google’s presentation, a “beautiful new experience”, “stronger security and privacy measures” and “better performance between all your devices” are mentioned.

Android 12 lock screen

The revamped Android 12 lock screen.

The video focuses mainly on the user interface section, where we find great news in terms of animations, much more fluid and showy; as well as with regard to interface elements such as the notifications, widgets or keyboard. From minute 3 of the video below these lines you can see many of the new features that the new version would introduce.

While many of these changes had already been discovered previously, it was not until now that we have been able to take a closer look at Google’s plans, and their intention to completely revamp the Android experience through the biggest user interface change in its history. Now, we just have to wait for the company to release the first beta of Android 12, and that all owners of a mobile compatible with Android 12 can enjoy the news on their smartphones.

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