The “Rachel” and the 7 most iconic Jennifer Aniston hairstyles


The “Rachel” and the 8 most iconic Jennifer Aniston hairstyles | AP

One of the things that people love the most about the actress Jennifer Aniston It is her beautiful hair which has been something that millions of people have wanted to copy at some point in her life, so we will show you which have been the most iconic hairstyles of her.

For a long time the character of Rachel Green and actress Jennifer Aniston were confused, however, over time it was shown that there was something beyond that mythical haircut.

That’s right, the super power of putting millions of women in the salon to agree with each of their look changes.

And it is that Rachel’s hairstyle in Friends was one of the most famous of the 90s and in fact, not only the styling baptized with the character’s name triumphed in beauty salons around the world, but each new look that she Actress surprised in the 10 seasons of the series was greeted with a shower of applause.

In fact, the creator of this hairstyle is Chris McMillan and he was awarded in 2018 as ‘Stylist of the year’, in addition this haircut marked a before and after in the career of this professional and, above all, it was an essential part in the construction of the character for which the actress won an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

However, there are other hairstyles that have been very recognized by the actress, so we will mention some of them:


The short ‘Rachel’ hairstyle

Walking the red carpet at the Emmys in 1995 with Matthew Perry, one of his castmates on Friends, he was known as the short bob, the hairstyle he was in for a couple of seasons on the show.

The actress set a trend and her cut became one of the most sought after in the 90s.


The studiously disheveled updo

During the third season we could see the beautiful actress with a collected, but informal hairstyle which she also presented on the red carpet at the Golden Globes in 1997 with Brad Pitt.


The ‘mermaid’ waves

One of her most curious and original hairstyles that is still used to date and this achievement made a great impression when she wore it on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles in 1999.


Completely straight hair

In 1998, she had straight and slightly long hair, this being another of the iconic hairstyles that became fashionable thanks to the series and then evolved into long, straight hair that she used at a party after the Oscars in 2000.



That’s right, believe it or not, at the 1999 Emmy Awards accompanied by her boyfriend Brad Pitt, she surprised with this hairstyle.

Aniston risked everything and bet on this boho look with dreadlocks, something completely different.


The super polished ponytail

In 2003 she received the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a comedy or musical for her portrayal of Rachel Green in Friends wearing an extremely perfect hairstyle where she wore a low and completely straight ponytail.


The low and lopsided bun

Something that we no longer saw in the series, because it is a hairstyle that I chose in the London premiere of the film “And then she came” in 2004.


The update of the ‘Rachel’, his great success

Jennifer Aniston returned to her most legendary hairstyle in 2009, however she left the bob style aside and opted to have it a bit uneven at the ends, giving it a fresh look.