The province of Buenos Aires received 125,000 requests to vacation in three days

Buenos Aires received in the last three days 125,000 requests to vacation in different destinations in the Province, as revealed by the Minister of Production, Science and Technological Innovation, Augusto Costa.

« The only requirement To be able to travel along the coast, the mountains, the lagoons or the rivers of Buenos Aires is fill out the form on the site or through the Cuidar application, to complete the destination to which one travels, for how long, where to stay and with whom, « explained the official, on whom the Tourism area depends.

The application is enabled for those who travel to Buenos Aires towns in the next 20 days. Speaking to the program Modo Avión, by FM Concept, Costa anticipated on Thursday night that next week permits can be processed for January.

« We want people to be able to vacation. It was a very hard year for tourism and the season is an opportunity for many activities to be reactivated « , promoted the minister, who however also appealed to the »individual responsibility« of tourists so that they meet the conditions of distancing and hygiene and not expose themselves to » harmful situations. « 

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Costa assured that monitoring of people who travel « will be permanent » to avoid crowds and that Tourists will be informed which spas are above the recommended capacity or which are full so they can choose another beach.

« It is about establishing within the municipalities the promotion of good distancing practices« , he explained and stressed that if » a greater influx of tourists than the convenient one begins to generate problems « they will communicate with the municipalities.

The minister insisted that the system « works very well » and that the intention is to « guarantee that people travel safely and can enjoy without major risks« .