The provincial government enabled the return to construction activity with up to ten workers and domestic service personnel in all the territory except the Gran Rosario and Greater Santa Fe.

Decree 0446 establishes in its first article the exception of the prohibition to circulate in the context of the coronavirus pandemic for “people affected by activities and services related to “private works”, that occupy up to ten workers ”.

The measure reaches those who carry out tasks at the construction site, “Plus professionals or contractors from different complementary trades”,“ As long as the works do not involve entering houses with residents, premises or establishments in operation ”.

The second item reached by the relaxation of the quarantine is domestic service. The decree dated May 26 defines the conditions: “The employees of private households, included in the regime of Law No. 26844: completing the sanitary prevention measures and personal distancing, provided that it is resolved the transfer without the use of public passenger transport ”.

The other clarification is that “neither in the residence of the worker’s residence, nor in that of the provision of services, is a person particularly subjected to isolation for presenting symptoms of covid-19, or being under study and not defined as positive of the disease, because the results of the tests are pending; or for returning from areas defined as “at risk” by the national or provincial health authority ”.

The measure for now does not reach the Great Rosary but as it has already happened with other activities and even recreational outings, they are first tested in the smallest towns and if they do not arise, they spread to the largest agglomerates. In addition, the issue of commuting workers in large cities remains an extra inconvenience.