The Prosecutor’s Office refuses to accuse Belarra for the alleged bonuses of Podemos

The Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of the Community of Madrid considers that there was no crime of unfair administration in the Podemos solidarity fund and, therefore, the accusation of the current Minister of Social Affairs does not proceed, Ione Belarra, and the dome of the formation. This is how the Public Ministry exposes it in a battery of writings that it has presented in the Examining Court number 42 of Madrid in which it opposes the petitions of the popular accusations, which also requested to investigate the accounts of the administrator of Neurona, the consultancy whose hiring in the electoral campaign of the April 28 elections is under judicial investigation, and of Juan Carlos Monedero, co-founder of Podemos.

Judge Juan José Escalonilla also did not see any crime in the Podemos solidarity fund and filed the case, although the Provincial Court corrected that decision and ordered to reopen the investigation into that fund, where the members deposit the difference between the limitation of your salary and your actual salary. Later, the former senator of Podemos, Celia Cánovas, requested the imputation of Belarra and the leadership, which the Prosecutor’s Office now rejects. “There is no indication of the crime of unfair administration denounced ”, states the Public Ministry, which also adds that“ the same can be said in relation to the reimbursement of expenses for which there was no indication of their illegality ”.

The Prosecutor thus casts doubt on “the appellant’s thesis” and recalls that the training regulations attribute to the management the management of human resources and wealth management, for which it says that “there are reasonable doubts” that the manager intervene in the “economic organs of the party.” Thus, he adds that “even if the manager had exceeded her functions,” the crime of unfair administration “requires a loss that in this case has not been determined since the party is not considered as such, to which it is added that there is a certificate from the party approving the accessories according to its internal rules ”.

To end its presentation on the rejection of the accusation of Belarra and the purple dome, the Public Ministry emphasizes that the question of “whether or not it is ethical or whether the internal rules were breached may be discussed in other forums, but certainly not in the field of a judicial investigation “.

Vox, a private prosecution in the case, also appealed the provisional dismissal agreed by Escalonilla. The Office of the Prosecutor rejects it, like that of Cánovas, because it recalls that “the statutes of the formation allowed the manager to create new salary supplements”, which “were approved by the internal organs of the party in accordance with its internal regulations.” This point was collected by Escalonilla for the archive. “The functions of the manager include the power to create salary supplements,” read the sentence that was known on March 16.

Thus, the Prosecutor’s Office also adds that “it does not stop surprising” that it is the popular accusation [Vox] “The one that sees evidence of a crime of unfair administration when the injured party, the political party itself, is not considered as such.” “And it does,” continues the Public Ministry, “on the basis of mistrusting the party representatives who certify compliance with internal regulations, even requesting in the reform letter, Ione Belarra (who certifies the regularity of the complements) as investigated for the crime of concealment or procedural fraud ”.

More information to follow shortly.