The Prosecutor’s Office asks for two years in prison for a tweeter for spreading a false xenophobic video

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The Prosecutor’s Office asks for two years in prison and 6,480 euros of fine for a woman accused of spreading on her Twitter account a video of some schoolchildren yelling and throwing papers at a teacher, falsely attributing it to a group of unaccompanied foreign minors.

In its letter, the public prosecutor accuses the alleged author of that false news, which she published on her Twitter account in June 2019, of a crime against public rights and freedoms, and asks that she be disqualified from any educational profession or trade .

According to the Prosecutor’s Office in its accusation brief, the woman tweeted in June 2019 a 45-second fragment of a video that showed a group of schoolchildren yelling and throwing papers at their teacher, while they threw and knocked over chairs and tables, between screams and laughs of derision towards the teacher.

Two minutes later, the defendant linked in another tweet the images of the aggressive schoolchildren with the message: “I control a video of an educational center for illegal immigrants. See how they appreciate our welcome ”.

The video is recorded in a classroom in Brazil

The police investigation made it possible to verify that the video records some incidents in a classroom in Brazil and that it had no relationship with minors who emigrated to Spain, adds the letter, signed by the prosecutor for Hate Crimes of Barcelona, ​​Miguel Ángel Aguilar.

For the prosecutor, with the dissemination of the video, the defendant intended, “with manifest contempt for the truth and in a massive and indiscriminate manner before all potential users of the social network Twitter, to associate violent behavior in the classroom with all minors unaccompanied ”.

All this in order, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, to “defame them, associating them in a generalized way with acts of violence, violence and disrespect for the authority of teachers, thereby discrediting them and thus contributing to awakening, empowering or increasing among the prejudices and stereotypes against this group of people, especially vulnerable ”.

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For this reason, the prosecutor considers that the facts constitute a crime against fundamental rights and public freedoms, for reasons of discrimination related to the nation or national origin, aggravated by the fact that the dissemination was carried out through the Internet.

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