‘The Prophet’ Enmanuel Reyes Pla seeks to preach with his boxing in Tokyo

Life belongs to the brave, the daring, and when the doors are closed, one must not turn back and give up, but look for others and if possible with more insistence. Enmanuel Reyes Pla
born in Havana in 1992 and began boxing at the age of eight. At that time he was looking for security and strength in boxing that would allow him to defend himself from the disputes he had at school and on the street, in which he used to lose. It was from the hand of his father and quickly began to emerge. You could see ways when he was little, and proof of this is that before he was ten years old, he already joined the Cuban boxing training programs.

On Cuba, Each province has its own school, with very powerful teams, with three boxers by weight and the best ones go to what is known as ‘the farm’, where the Cuban teams are concentrated. He reached the top of Cuban boxing and was number two, but he understood that both on a personal and sporting level this was not the best scenario to progress and pursue his dream of being an Olympian. I was not happy. He felt that they were not betting entirely on him, that he was always considered the second course and he believed that his recipe had to be served first at the tables, to the point that he decided to leave his country and travel to A Coruña, where his father, uncle and grandmother reside.

He left his native Cuba when he saw that he was not progressing as a boxer and settled in A Coruña

After a tour of Russia, Belarus, Germany and AustriaAn odyssey in which he never lost hope, he finally managed to reach Spain and be with his family, where he was already happy and where he was able to quickly become a boxer again. He contacted the Spanish Boxing Federation (FEB) and in the blink of an eye they saw its potential. He obtained Spanish nationality at the beginning of last year and he, a believing and grateful man, has made it clear on more than one occasion that he boxed to thank Spain for what he did for his family and what he has now done for him.

The punch of the boxer of Cuban origin is beyond doubt

And time seems to prove him right, as his results prove. He was champion of Spain, of the prestigious International Boxam Tournament, silver in the International Tournament of Strandja 2020 (Bulgaria), winner of different international tournaments and a new silver medal in the recent Pre-Olympic Tournament that was played in Paris, which earned him the ticket for Tokyo, and that placed him as one of the strongest medal options of the four boxers who will be in Tokyo: José Quiles, Gazi Jalidov, Gabriel Escobar and the.

He was a silver medal in the Pre-Olympic Tournament that was played in Paris

On the ring ‘The profit’ shows a great picture. An unquestionable physical power, but Enmanuel also has the virtue of knowing how to measure himself between the ropes, of knowing what to do at all times and not accelerating the pace of the fighting for no apparent reason. True to his roots, he ‘chews’ the fight and throws his dreaded fists whenever he gets a chance

With them he has already made a certain fame in the boxing scene. Enmanuel is one of those who speaks inside and outside the ring, always moved by faith and great security in his conditions, as these words that reflect his character and way of being attest. “It takes courage to be different, to be successful, to win. People don’t talk about people who don’t win. If you win they will talk about you. Do you have the courage? ” Word of the prophet.

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