The promise of Jimena Pérez ‘La Choco’ to her son Iñaki

Pérez said that there is no better way to know that they are more than special beings, because they spend it “fighting great battles!”, And the best thing is that they achieve daily triumphs, as in the case of Iñaki, who also counts of the support of his parents, with that of his brother Iker.

For his part, Rafael also wanted to join the messages that achieve an ever greater understanding of the disorder and also made a commitment, once again, to his son: “Autism and its awareness. We will always be there for you, dwarf. We will always fight for and for you. Always. “

Iñaki has the absolute support of his father, Rafael Sarmiento. (Instagram / Rafael Sarmiento)

Both Jimena and Rafael were aware that they should pay greater attention to Iker’s development and that was why they did not remove their finger from the line, until they managed to discover with the help of the doctors that the child has a Specific Language Disorder ( TEL).