The producer of ‘Big Brother’ prepares ‘The Genuine’, a new reality show in search of authentic profiles

The morning of Thursday February 18, Zeppelin surprised on his Twitter account by announcing the opening of the casting of what seems to be his next television bet: ‘The Genuine’. The production company in charge of the successful format of ‘Big Brother’ and all its versions thus launches a new adventure on the small screen, in the world of reality TV, after a journey of more than twenty years since the house show of Guadalix de la Sierra will begin to be broadcast in Spain.

Adara, winner of ‘GH VIP 7’, the last edition issued to date

« Casting call! Are you passionate and adventurous? Do you want to get out of your comfort zone? Do you think you belong to the ‘Genuine’ clan? », shared the official account of the production company, calling on potential candidates to appear at the casting. Zeppelin sources consulted state that this phase begins « to learn about new profiles », people who « almost always have feelings on the surface, you are the joy of the garden, you have a heart that does not fit in your chest, your goal in life is to get out of your comfort zone, adventurous blood runs through you the veins and you have the soul of a discoverer « , as they stated in their tweet.

« Users write to us continuously because they want to participate in a reality show produced by us and we wanted to launch a form to facilitate it « , they declare from the production company, where there is already a team in search of » authentic profiles « for this new format that is already underway. A news that comes after many years of experience, for part of the production company, looking for great profiles that have stood out on television who have left behind unforgettable moments, and after whose launch Zeppelin has already received hundreds of registrations.

Betting on the anonymous

Zeppelin thus returns to bet on anonymous profiles, more than three years after the conclusion of ‘GH Revolution’, which was the eighteenth anonymous edition of the Telecinco reality show and the last that has been broadcast to date. In addition, the production company launched the news in the same year in which it pointed to the possibility that the format could return to the main Mediaset chain. « We are starting conversations and I think ‘GH’ will return next year, I don’t know at what height, but it will return, » said Manuel Villanueva, head of content at Mediaset Spain, at the end of 2020. A few words after which Villanueva clarified that « it will surely be a ‘GH VIP » edition, although without specifying if it would be « in the format ‘GH Duo’ or single », since both had been emitted more recently and with enough success.