the problem of bullying and its possible solutions

Tinder knows powerful. But all power has a responsibility and, in this case, it comes hand in hand with security and privacy. The dating app has wanted to take stock of everything it has done to improve the relationship of users within its ecosystem, ensure their good behavior and guarantee privacy on Tinder.

It is not for less, Tinder is, in fact, the application that generates more income within the Apple Store; almost $ 30 million in September alone, just below Disney Plus. Although this does not take into account the entire universe of Match and Swipe controlled by the matrix of the dating app: grouping the business of more than 45 applications in the sector –Meetic, Hinge, Match or, of course, Tinder–.

Be that as it may, the queen of online dating has now more than 6.6 million users in the world, spread over 40 different languages ​​and 190 different countries. And it has not been indifferent to the coronavirus pandemic either. “When Covid-19 ended people’s social life, Tinder was a great support,” they point out.

It is not clear how the lockdown affected overall app activity, but
while some fled the application for fear of contagion, others threw the rest in their limited social life to the online environment. Spain was one of the countries that most increased the use of the application –mainly of conversations– during confinement. 30% more which, in addition, also increased its duration. After Spain, France or the United Kingdom followed. “Digital life has become an important element of people’s social vision,” they add from the application. And now more than ever.

And as online life increases, has been forced to increase Tinder’s security and privacy measures. Sexual harassment has not passed by within dating apps; Being, at present, one of the few ways to meet new people – whether with a sexual interest or not -, the problem has moved to the world of apps.

Already in 2017, the Report on Crimes against Freedom and Sexual Indemnity of the Ministry of the Interior pointed out in its conclusions a rebound in the historical series in sexual crimes initiated by contact through technology. Not necessarily dating apps, but also in the same group. The own president of Bumble, another one of the applications of the ecosystem, declares this same year that “Undoubtedly, there are women who are being sexually harassed“Through dating apps, their design is what I would have to limit at this point.

What have Tinder’s privacy measures done for this?

In the case of Tinder, and in the words of head of security and product Rory Kozol, “you cannot control what happens at all times and less if it is outside of Tinder, but we can make everyone feel comfortable inside the application “.

“Unlike Facebook, we don’t have people who are on the app for long, so making your time on Tinder feel safe is more than important.”

For this, and for a long time globally, Tinder was forced to add rules of behavior. A kind of code of conduct that, in fact, has increased its views in recent months by 57%. Along with this, the mandatory confirmation rules for the creation of a profile.

Since this year, and only available in some countries, Tinder added the option of “Security Center”; not to be confused with its traveler alert available mainly for the LGTBI + community in case of traveling to a country against their sexuality. His arrival in Spain is expected to be during the first months of next year. The new option makes available to users a long list of tests, tips, articles and documentation on security and privacy. A point that the company has had to increase after the arrival of the video in the application, which they do not consider a security element per se, but a way to increase trust.

“It helps to have more confidence in the people you meet on Tinder and then see each other in person,” they point out. “But it also implies that it is necessary to control that good behavior is maintained with this option. Since the beginning of summer, and perhaps a little late for the worst months of confinement, Tinder added the option of video calling in the chats that already indicate a success .

Along with this the already traditional Long-standing Tinder privacy “Report” to report misbehavior by someone within the application. A mixture of AI and human hand that determines if the limits have been crossed. Likewise, within the dating app, if inappropriate words or behaviors are repeatedly identified, the user in question will be notified to rectify. If you ignore it, your profile will be deleted. Even so, and as there is everything in this world, it is the recipients of offensive messages who decide if the other’s behavior bothers them; this allows you to undo or delete comments. Since the introduction of this option, Tinder has registered a 37% increase in reports of harassment; which implies that, despite everything, the active pursuit of harassment is still necessary and silence continues to be a big problem.