The price of corn will rise, due to drought and deaths of farmers due to covid

Zuleyma Garcia

Toluca / 18.01.2021 09:54:15

The Independent Campesina Central warned about the increase in the price of bread wheat and corn due to the drought and water shortage in the country’s dams and the “accelerated number of farmers killed by the new coronavirus”, Which will leave a limited agricultural cycle.

The president of the association, José Amadeo Hernández Barajas, assured that the increase in these inputs will cause the bread and tortilla to rise within the Basic Food Basket of the Mexican.

« Irrigation water will be 27.1 percent less than last year and this will limit production in the Autumn-Winter 2020/21 agricultural cycle; there is a high price of corn in the international market and It could raise costs in agribusiness and increase prices in the corn-tortilla chain and the same happens with bread-making wheat, so an increase in bread is expected ”.

He indicated that the average prices of the Basic Food Basket in three cities of the country, the Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey registered their highest increase in 2020 with 8.3 percent when in 2017 it was 7.1 percent, but so far in January this year, food has risen 12 percent on average.

« Unfortunately the pandemic reached the ejido, the community, the neighborhood, the street. Where we never thought it would go. The worst thing is that the population was never directed to prevent contagion or deal with the contagion immediately ”.

Hernández Barajas, warned that the covid becomes a danger for the next months when not being able to produce the land to satisfy the Basic Basket of people who live in the countryside, as well as of families that depend on agricultural production due to the growth of infections and the absence of productive programs by the Federal Government.

He specified that, on the one hand “there is no agrarian justice » well dependencies Related Sedatu, RAN, Agrarian Courts and Agrarian Attorney’s Office They are closed.

« The files in question of full domains are established in the law should not be waiting with many files that have in the National Agrarian Registry and without any response,

« On the other hand, in economic matters people who live in the countryside who plant their plot that has less than 5 hectares who live there and support their family do not have enough support today from the federal government ”, he concluded.