the previous management did not take care of basic needs


The Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicillof visited the municipality of Roque Pérez where he presented the Strategic Plan for the Improvement of Rural Roads together with the Ministers of Agrarian Development, Javier Rodriguez, and from Infrastructure and Public Services, Agustín Simone, to the mayor in use of license, Juan Carlos Gasparini, and to the interim communal chief, José Luis Horna.






The province as « the productive heart of Argentina »


At the time of speaking, Kicillof stressed that improvements in rural roads change the lives of producers in the area, and all residents of the town. Why? According to the official, now « They will be able to have a better connection and access to basic services such as education and health ». In this sense, he also fired against the past and assured that during his administration « the strategic decision » was made to put the road network in conditions, « after years in which the State did not take care of basic needs in the interior of the Province ».


In addition, the Buenosairean distinguished that of the 1,500 kilometers covered by the plan, 1,200 have provincial infrastructure, and in this sense he maintained that « a long-term look is needed » and « a provincial government that provides the necessary resources to promote development. » He also defined the province as « the productive heart of Argentina », where there is the capacity to produce food « for everyone » but for that « roads are needed to facilitate the transfer of production. »






Rural Roads Plan


With this scheme, the Government of the province of Buenos Aires seeks:












Improve the circulation and transport of people and cargo in different regions of the province of Buenos Aires Promote greater road safety Encourage economic activity by reducing travel times Benefit the population through better connectivity and access to health and schools rural that are on the side of the routes.






How are the goals of the Plan achieved?


As indicated through an official statement, in order to implement improvements in rural roads, works were planned that include the stabilization of the road, sewers, restructuring of shoulders, placing metal railings in critical sectors and vertical signage to promote greater road safety.






The two parts of the Program


The Government distinguished that the program comprises two parts:








A phase of strategic sections that implies an investment of 6,500 million pesos by the Province to start up 75 works in 70 municipalities, aimed at improving 1,200 kilometers of rural roads. In Roque Pérez, the tender for the stabilization of 24 kilometers of provincial route 20 has already been carried out, which will require an investment of 129 million pesos. Another phase of articulation with 76 districts to stabilize 380 kilometers of critical sections. The municipalities will provide the machinery and labor, while the Province will assist with crucial supplies such as steel, cement, stone, pipes, metal pipes, sewers and posters. The joint effort will require an investment of 400 million pesos.






Activity schedule


Kicillof visited the works on the Rio Salado. At the end of their tour and with the participation of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Julio Alak, the officials handed over property titles to families in the district, within the framework of the program « My writing, my house ». The authorities also attended School 2, where the campaign of vaccination against COVID-19in the district, and lthey held a cabinet meeting with the presence of mayors of the region.






Covid and schools


In his speech, the Buenos Aires governor saw fit to refer to the return to the classroom in times of coronavirus, and in this sense he distinguished that even going through the pandemic, « he never stopped thinking about the strategic aspects that make the development of the 135 municipalities ”, and in this sense he assured that » throughout the Province classes have started safely with 1,100,000 male and female students « , at the same time that the mass vaccination stage began, immunizing the Buenos Aires residents over 70 years old.


Source: Government of the province of Buenos Aires




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