The presidential aide was delayed at the Ezeiza airport: he tried to travel with an undeclared firearm in his luggage

The aide Diego Bravo Reta with Alberto Fernández The aide Diego Bravo Reta with Alberto Fernández

Last night, and when I had already boarded the flight AM29 of Aeromexico bound for the Mexican capital along with other members of the Military House (body in charge of coordinating presidential security inside and outside the country), Diego Bravo Reta, the presidential aide, was detained by three agents of the Airport Security Police (PSA). Is that in the luggage that Bravo Reta had dispatched he had a firearm that he had not declared to the authorities.

When questioned by federal agents, Reta tried to assert his status as a military man and a presidential official. But once the luggage was inspected by the PSA, the officer could not explain the irregular situation. He was immediately detained, although after the judicial proceedings began he was allowed to face the process in freedom.

The operation for the transport of weapons in a vessel or plane of passengers is blunt in the sense that they must be you declare, delivered unloaded and with him striker mechanism disassembled and together with the documentation that proves the condition of legitimate user who carries them. What’s more, they must be placed in the custody of the captain of the ship or commander of the aircraft.

Sources of the Military House consulted by . recognize that Reta’s situation is more than delicate: “On the one hand, his status as an Air Force officer could be considered a aggravating because you must know more than anyone the regulations on aeronautical safety. On the other hand, he tried to assert his status as presidential aide, since in no way did he have directives to move armed and it is also clear that his intention was to enter the weapon in the illegal to a foreign country, which is frankly incomprehensible”.

Regardless of what was declared by the staff consulted by ., this medium was able to know that it is usual that the environment of a President who travels abroad can transport weapons, but the ways to declare and transport them is perfectly established. Furthermore, in no case is the departure of military or civilian personnel with private weapons and much less with weapons that are from a third party outside the official service, as in this case.

From the Military House it has already been arranged the replacement of the military man who now must face not only a military summary but also must await the eventual prosecution that the federal judge of Lomas de Zamora, Juan Auge, may dictate.

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