Gabriele Gravina, President of the Italian Football Federation, assured that he refuses “to sign the closing of the season” 2019-2020 of Serie A and claimed that not finishing the year would entail losses of at least 700 million euros.

04/30/2020 at 12:31



“I protect the interests of the world of football and I refuse to sign a total block of the season, except if there are objective conditions related to the health of the players, the coaching staff and collaborators, but someone has to tell me clearly and must prevent me from moving forward, “Gravina said late Wednesday after participating in an online event organized by Ascoli Calcio.

“The economic damage will be divided into categories. With the total closure the system would lose 700-800 million euros, if it were played behind closed doors there would be losses of 300 million, if it were played open door it would be 150 million, but this is not an option, “continued the federal president.

Gravina expressed its discomfort with the decisions made by the Government in the latest decree, which prevents football clubs from training in sports centers before May 18, while it does allow individual sports athletes to exercise from day 4.

A decision to which the statements of the president of the sport were added on Wednesday, Vincenzo Spadafora, who assured that he sees less and less options to resume competitions.

Can you imagine how many demands we should face with a ‘stop’? Who descends? Who are promoted? How many rights would we tread? They all ask for the blockade, I want the government to impose it, I will always respect the rules, “said Gravina.