The president of the federation banned for life

Accused in a rape case, the president of the Haitian federation Yves Jean-Bart has just been banned for life from FIFA.

Following a long investigation by the Guardian, Yves Jean-Bart is targeted with accusations of rape and sexual assault on young players. Provisionally, the president of the Haitian federation had been under suspension since May 25.

But his suspension turned into exclusion from the world of football. Indeed, the adjudicatory chamber of the Independent Ethics Commission of Fifa condemned the leader of having “abused his position” to “sexually harass and assault several players, including minors”. The sanction turns out to be legitimate in relation to the seriousness of the acts.

Yves Jean-Bart banned for life from the football world

Fifa has therefore banned the president of this federation “for life from any activity related to football”. In addition, Jean-Bart will have to pay a large fine of around one million Swiss francs (or 930,000 euros).

In addition, the case is continuing since some officials would be involved directly or indirectly in this federation between 2014 and 2020.


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