Javier Tebas was present at the presentation of the new cards of the League and there revealed that on this second day there will be no games on Friday or Monday. The president of the club association had insisted that there be meetings on those days, but, once again, he has backfired.

«We have waited until five in the afternoon for a very precautionary from the Commercial Court or from the CSD and it has not arrived »Thebes began by saying at the presentation of the Panini stickers. « The precautionary measure is still open and we hope it can be done for another weekend, » the president of the League continued to explain.

And is that The Royal Football Federation had managed to get a judge to give it the reason to prevent First and Second matches from taking place on Fridays and Mondays. Despite this, the League announced several weeks ago the schedules of the first two days with matches on the aforementioned days, skipping the court decision, something that the Competition Committee finally prohibited it from doing.

Also, Javier Tebas’ position at the head of the League continues to be investigated. Huesca could be « disabled at any time », as CSD president Irene Lozano announced a week ago. The association of Tebas with Fuenlabrada is not allowed and the documents that OKDIARIO has brought to light have put the president of the League at the center of the target.