The president of At. Mineirao, hitting Boca Juniors players

The elimination of Argentine Boca Juniors this Tuesday in the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores by the Brazilian Atlético Mineiro ended in a generalized fight in the dressing rooms of the Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte that had to be contained by the police.

The confusion occurred after Mineiro eliminated Boca Juniors on penalties 3-1, after the goalless draws in the first and second leg matches, and guaranteed their place in the Libertadores quarterfinals.

The players of the Argentine club, who protested the elimination of a goal that would have guaranteed them qualification for the quarterfinals after the referee consulted the VAR, as it had happened in the match in Buenos Aires, began to provoke those of the Brazilian team still in the access tunnel to the field.

In addition to attacking Atlético Mineiro leaders and players, as well as members of the security team, the Argentines demolished protection stands, a sound amplifier and other objects, in addition to throwing bottles of water at their rivals.

The confusion had to be contained by the Militarized Police, which had to use gases to disperse the players and even held some members of the Argentine delegation in contempt.

The police threatened to detain two of the Boca Juniors players in Brazil and requested the images from the security cameras to try to identify others responsible for the confusion.

Despite the fact that the police promised to escort the Argentine club’s bus to the airport, some members of the Boca Juniors technical commission alleged that they would remain in Belo Horizonte until all the members of the delegation were released.

Some images broadcast on Brazilian television show striker Sebastián Villa throwing a water dispenser and in others it is possible to observe defenders Marcos Rojo and Carlos Izquierdoz attacking a member of the stadium’s security teams.

The images also showed members of Atlético Mineiro involved in the confusion, including the president of the Brazilian club, Sergio Coelho, who threw two bottles of water in the direction of the Argentines.

The Boca Juniors press conference after the game was canceled by Conmebol, which said it will wait for the report prepared by the referees to impose the respective sanctions.

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