The president of Asturias denounces threats to his family for his management of the coronavirus

The President of the Principality of Asturias, Adrián Barbón, denounced this Saturday that a user of social networks has sent him a message with threats, insults and attacks on his family for his management of the pandemic.

The message addressed to Barbón on Facebook literally says the following: «Old of your parents you did not get vaccinated against the flu and they will be lucky not to die. Remember that karma always comes back and take care of your Malaga niece who can happen to any accident».

In response to this message, the President of the Principality of Asturias replied: “I can understand many things, but what I share I am not willing to admit. I will not admit or insults, attacks or threats. And even less, that they are addressed to my parents, my brothers or my nieces ».

“I omit the name of the person who is writing things like this, but I will act appropriately,” he assured. In this regard, Adrián Barbón assures that he is aware that “there are people having a bad time and unloads their fatigue with the Government of Asturias or with me for the measures we have to adopt to control the pandemic.”

For its part, the Asturian Socialist Federation (FSA-PSOE), has shown its support to the regional president and has assured that «the threats are intolerable and they have no place in our society.