Minutes before 12, Axel Kicillof and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta arrived at the Quinta de Olivos. They held a private meeting with President Alberto Fernández for almost an hour. At 12:50 they began to record the message with the announcements about the new quarantine, which will be broadcast this afternoon through the official channels of the Presidency.

While the original idea was to post the images at noon, the recording was extended longer than planned, ended at 14:45, and began to be broadcast later, at 16.20. Official sources involved in the production confirmed to Infobae that a first attempt to record the message was suspended after ten minutes on the recommendation of communication experts, which ended up delaying the entire delivery.

In addition, they specified that the message will not be as short as initially projected. The President, the Buenos Aires governor and the head of the City Government agreed that it was necessary to present a long announcement, with precise sanitary details so that the citizens understand the reasons that force the Metropolitan Area to toughen the conditions of the confinement. Its duration will be 59 minutes and 55 seconds.

In the recording, the head of state will be heard first, then Rodríguez Larreta and finally Kicillof.

Fernández, Kicillof and Rodríguez Larreta will announce a new phase of the quarantine with greater restrictions. The main objective is to stop the acceleration of infections by coronavirus and avoid the collapse of the hospital system. This morning, the secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti, and the Undersecretary of Health Strategies, Alejandro Costa, reported that the level of intensive care beds in all of Argentina rose to 48.3%, with 472 patients with COVID-19. That figure rises to 54.1% in the Metropolitan Area. Yesterday Infobae first published how the evolution of that indicator was.

In the absence of changes, sports activities will be prohibited and non-essential stores will be closed. In addition, there will be new guidelines to limit inter-jurisdictional transportation. The recreational walks of boys during the weekends in the City of Buenos Aires would be one of the few opening measures that would continue in force.

In the rest of the sectors, the new quarantine will have characteristics similar to phase 1, imposed on March 20 when compulsory isolation began. There are expectations about the economic announcements that the leaders could make. The pandemic in Argentina caused a complete slowdown in activity, increased unemployment and the closure of thousands of stores.

The latest statistics of the coronavirus in Argentina

📌 The total number of confirmed cases in Argentina is d

e 52,457, of which 1,167 died. Regarding the confirmed, 1,061 (2%) are imported, 19,202 (36.6%) are close contacts of confirmed cases, 22,078 (42.1%) are cases of community circulation and the rest are under epidemiological investigation.

📌 Of the total cases (52,457), 49.4% are women and 50.6% are men.

📌Since the last report issued, 17 new deaths were recorded. Ten men, seven of 84, 65, 94, 59, 92, 31 and 93 years, residing in the province of Buenos Aires; one of 68 years, resident in the province of Chaco; two of 79 and 74 years old, residents in the City of Buenos Aires (CABA); and seven women, four of 95, 73, 79 and 83 years, residing in the province of Buenos Aires; two of 78 and 68 years, residents in the City of Buenos Aires (CABA); and a 47-year-old resident in the province of Chaco. At the moment the number of deceased is 1,167.

📌To date, the total number of discharges is 18,416 people.

9.1Yesterday 9,120 new samples were made and since the start of the outbreak 318,721 diagnostic tests were carried out for this disease, which is equivalent to 7,023 samples per million inhabitants.

📌The number of cases discarded until yesterday is 213,175 (by laboratory and by clinical / epidemiological criteria).

📌The main age groups affected by the registered cases correspond to people between 20 and 59 years of age, the average age being 36 years.