The premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Disney + and Apple TV + (December 2020)

Hundreds of series and movies are released every month, and reviewing all the releases of the different video platforms can be too much. So we show you week by week, so that you are clear about what you can see shortly on Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Disney + and Apple TV + in this month of December 2020.

new week premieresThe premieres of the main platforms organized weekly

Releases for the first week of December 2020 on Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Disney + and Apple TV +

Here you have all the December 2020 premieres in Spain from Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Disney + and Apple TV +, organized week by week.


There is no doubt that Netflix is The world’s most popular video, series and movie platform. It is also one of the most premieres included each month. These are the premieres that arrive on Netflix Spain in December 2020.


** Super Wings ** – Season 3 – Premiere December 1.
Alien worlds – premiere December 2.
Hazel Brugger – Tropical – premiere December 2.
Ari Eldjarn – Pardon my Icelandic – premiere December 2.
Chico Bon Bon and the Very Berry Holiday – premiere December 3.
Big mouth – Season 4 – premiere December 4.
Selena, the series – premiere December 4.
Captain Underpants mega naviguay – premiere December 4.
Kings of Jo’Burg – premiere December 4.
Detention – The series – premiere December 5.
Mighty Express – A Mighty Christmas – premiere December 5.


Angela’s Christmas wish – premiere December 1.
Fierce – premiere December 2.
Christmas Eve is my sentence – premiere December 3.
Break – premiere December 3.
Mank – premiere December 4.
Bombay Rose – premiere December 4.
Crossfire for Christmas – premiere December 4.
Leyla has nine days – premiere December 4.


The Holiday Movies That Made Us – premiere December 1. Price: from 7.99 euros per month, options of 11.99 and 14.99. Free promotion: only offered in certain countries, Spain is not included. Subscribe to Netflix



Another major platform is HBO, responsible for some of the best series of our time like Game of Thrones. Each month includes a lot of news and these are the ones that arrive this week.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – premiere December 1.
The Devil Wears Prada – premiere December 4.
Polar express – premiere December 4.
Epic: The Secret World – premiere December 4. Price: 8.99 euros per month. Free promotion: 14 days. Subscribe to HBO

Disney +

disney +The Disney + logo

Disney has a special and different offer. Bet on a catalog with all its classic content, with hundreds of movies and series, to which it is gradually adding new original and exclusive productions. These are the news for this week of November:


The Simpson – Season 31 – 2 new episodes every Friday in December.


Sponsors – premiere December 4.
Mulan – premiere December 4.
Ice Age: A Mammoth-sized Christmas – premiere December 4.
A place to dream – premiere December 4. Price: 6.99 euros per month / 69.99 euros per year. Free promotion: 7-day trial. Subscribe to Diney +

Amazon Prime Video

IPhone streaming

The best thing about Amazon Prime Video is that it is included in the Amazon Prime fee, which also It is very cheap, so you can enjoy hundreds of series and movies without paying extra. These are the news that arrive the third week of November:


Alvinnn !!! And the squirrels – premiere December 1.


Christmas at Grand Valley – premiere on December 1
Christmas at The Palace – premiere on December 1
Christmas Encore – premiere on December 1
Christmas in love – premiere on December 1
Homegrown Christmas – premiere on December 1
Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe – premiere on December 1
Return to Christmas Creek – premiere on December 1
Sound of metal – premiere on December 4
Daddy’s christmas date – premiere on December 4 Price: 3.99 euros per month or 36 euros per year. Students: 18 euros per year. Free promotion: 30 days. Students: 90 days. Subscribe to Prime Video

Apple TV +

Apple TV +

We end with the Apple platform, which has its own rules. The catalog is the smallest since only has Apple’s own productions and also they always premiere on Fridays. Not every week there are new series but there are new chapters.

Little zen stories – premiere December 4.
Earth at Night in Color – premiere December 4. Subscribe to Apple TV + Price: 4.99 euros per month. Free promotion: 7 days free, 1 year when you buy an Apple device.