The summer season is usually a period of few television bets. The fall in television consumption and the lower advertising investment makes it a good time to test formats or resort to cheaper productions that complete the grid. But the coronavirus crisis has caused us to live one of the lowest cost summers on the small screen. That is the case of Telecinco, which has opted for a rehash of ‘Got Talent’ around the world, reruns of the disappeared ‘Tú si que vales’ or broadcasting a classic on Aragonese regional television, among others.

‘Oregon TV’

This Tuesday, August 11, 2020, Telecinco and Factoría de Ficción broadcast ‘Oregón TV’, an emblematic and veteran comedy space of Aragón TV which reaches national television more than twelve years after its regional premiere. A debut that was followed by 986,000 viewers and obtained a 7.6% audience share on Telecinco, while on FDF the program had a 2.1% share with 274,000 viewers.

Although the format is destined for FDF to bolster their grid following Nova’s recent win in July, Mediaset Spain has decided to broadcast it on its main channels to catch the audience. In this way, after the premiere on Telecinco, it will arrive at Cuatro on August 16 at 9:30 p.m. and from August 17 it will begin its regular broadcasts, from Monday to Friday at 5:00 p.m., in Factoría de Ficción.

Criticism in social networks

Despite the large community of followers that ‘Oregón TV’ has in Aragon, the truth is that its broadcast on Telecinco puzzled the audience and generated a real war on social networks with division of opinions: Aragonese against critics of the format. Some did not understand the humor of the space of imitations, parodies and sketches, while others were offended by calling their humor out of date. Below we compile some of the most prominent comments made on Twitter: