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While Sony mentioned that the pre-sale period for the PlayStation 5 would begin on September 17, fans eager to save theirs did not have to wait that long to do so, as several stores appeared that already accepted pre-orders. One of them was Amazon and even Amazon Mexico opened pre-sales for this region. Apparently, there are many people who want to try the console in its premiere, because shortly after the presales have begun to run out.

One of the first stores to activate presales in the United States was Walmart and they quickly sold out. Mexico is one of the countries in which the console would debut on November 12, so it was expected that pre-sales in this region would open soon. So it was and through some online stores, several players began to set aside both the reader edition and the digital compatemante.

Well, the pre-sale period has turned out to be very successful, since within a few hours of being available on the official Sony Store Mexico page, both products are sold out and there has not been a new pre-sale period. Something similar happened in Gameplanet, one of the most important chain stores in the region, because also shortly after the pre-orders of both systems (standard, digital) were activated, they were fleetingly exhausted and at the time of writing the note there were only Available pre-sales of new accessories, such as the Dual Sense.

In case you missed it: this is the official price of the 2 models of the PlayStation 5 in Mexico.

The PlayStation 5 sold out quickly (Sony Store Mexico)

You can still put your PlayStation 5 console aside

Similarly, a few hours after activating, the pre-sales of the most expensive version of PlayStation 5 had been sold out on Amazon Mexico, while the fully digital version was still available. Fortunately, shortly before midnight on September 16 the standard edition returned with a restock and pre-orders are coming in for both systems, but considering how short the previous pre-sales lasted, we have no doubt they will be quickly completed again.

PlayStation 5 standard edition – available in Amazon Mexico

PlayStation 5 digital edition – available in Amazon Mexico

It is important to say that until now it is not known how the pre-sale periods will work. As we mentioned, in almost all the stores we are talking about, the pre-sales are sold out and there have been no more units available, except for Amazon Mexico, so there is a possibility that the same thing happens with other stores.

However, it is uncertain if there will be a new pre-sale period before the launch of the console, it is also not known if there will be enough units on launch day, so we recommend you set aside your console in Amazon Mexico, the only place where it will be available so far.

How do you receive this information? Did you expect Sony’s console to be that successful before debuting? Tell us in the comments.

Sony confirmed today the price of the games that will be on sale for its new system in Mexico, in the same way, it was confirmed what the price of the accessories will be.

The PlayStation 5 will debut on Thursday, November 12 in Mexico and other regions of America and 1 week later it will reach the rest of the world. You can find out more about him if you check this page.

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