The PP has accused the Government on Tuesday of not wanting to assume the figure of 43,000 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic that civil registries offer – double what the Executive says – and therefore not recognize “one in three»Victims, for their« disastrous management ».

This has been said by the PP senator Cristina Ayala Santamaría in the control session, in which the Minister of Justice asked, Juan Carlos CampoWhy is there a “difference between the figure of 28,325 deceased given by the Government and that of 43,000 deceased given by civil registries”.

Ayala has stated various reasons why, in his opinion, the Government does not agree on the figures, such as “they do not consider the data in their civil registries to be good” or that “data that do not exist are recorded.” “They depend on you, they are your data,” he added, at the same time that he questioned that the Executive does not use these figures, while several institutions that are in charge of this count do “feed on these data.”

Thus, after criticizing that the head of Justice has already reproached the PP for trying to “twitch” on this matter, he has assured that his party only wants to obtain “a true figure” because it is “the minimum of decency” .

“We only want to know the truth that this terrible pandemic has brought us, the truth of the devastating effects of the covid-19, but also of the disastrous management of the Government,” he said.

“A huge lie”

With all this, Ayala has stressed that “the lie of data” by the Government “is huge” because “it is saying that there are 52 percent less, that is, they do not recognize one in three deaths from the pandemic.”

After listening to this intervention, the Minister of Justice has reiterated that the “strategy” of the PP is “wrong” because its objective is “to obtain profitability from the deceased”.

“You do not care about the answers, what matters to you are your questions to sow doubts in the system.” Thus, he has criticized the ‘popular’ because, in his opinion, this shows that “that is not wanting to rebuild a country.” “With division we are not going anywhere,” he stressed.

“Different” issues

Regarding the difference in figures, the minister, who insisted that the government has carried out “the greatest transparency exercise” of the pandemic, “said that the difference in data are” different “issues.

As he explained, on the one hand there are the “official data” of the pandemic that the Government disseminates after “collecting the information provided by the autonomous communities”, which have followed the “guidelines of the health authorities”, such as the World Organization for Health (WHO) ».

And on the other hand, there are civil registries, which have a “different role”, since they only give “public faith” of the death but “do not have an analysis of the epidemiological question,” he indicated. “That will have to be done later,” he concluded.