Quantron has launched a new hydrogen powered electric truck that can be pulled apart
with 10,000 euros

The electric trucks They are becoming one of the best mobility options because they are not only a way to contribute to the reduction of emissions that affect the environment, but also offer benefits and performance suitable for companies looking to move cargo from a point to another.

Quantron joins this strategy with the launch of the new Energon, a new hydrogen powered electric truck 44 tons, whose first units will begin to be delivered from 2021.

The company of German origin ensures that the hydrogen tanks of the Energon they offer up to 700 kilometers of autonomy, recoverable in just a few minutes. The sale price will depend on the order made by each client and can also be contracted as a service that includes truck, driver and fuel.

Quantron is a company founded in 2019, whose main activity is the conversion of commercial and mass transit vehicles powered by fossil fuels to clean and efficient technologies. The Energon is mounted on a 4 × 2 base, which has two axles and traction only on the rear.

The propeller offers a fuel cell system that has an output power of 130 kW and powers a 340 kW (456 hp) electric motor. Between these two components, mount a battery supplied by the Chinese manufacturer CATL 110 kWh that acts as an intermediate accumulator of energy.

According to the Hybrids and Electrical portal, Quantron It has introduced a two-speed intermediate gearbox that provides better use of the torque curve of the engine.

The brand has already given the green light to start requesting pre-orders, with the date for delivery of the trucks at the end of 2021, as stated by Quantron has already opened the book of pre-orders with the aim of making the first deliveries by the end of 2021, according to Serhat Yilmaz, director of marketing of the company.

Through a press release, Quantron has shared that the benefits of the Energon they will allow you to fully integrate into the logistics processes of transport companies.

Quantron It will seek to continue developing other electric vehicles and models and to train a wide range of fuel cell trucks for local businesses and authorities.


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