While Argentine soccer is stopped by the pandemic of coronavirusSome protagonists take the opportunity to dialogue with the media. This time, the one who spoke and gave an overview of what the post-era will be like Marcelo Gallardo in River was the former Millionaire midfielder, Sergio Berti. The Witch expressed her feelings in Una Moneda Al Aire by Club 947 (FM 94.7).

“The post-Gallardo era at River is going to be difficult and impossible to compare. I can’t think who could replace him, but I think it should be someone who knows the institution well and has the back to bear the responsibility,” he said. And he added: “Hernán Crespo has shown a type of good football game and he has a back. The experience is given by the game and it takes time. The important thing is that he is a man of the house and can endure what comes.”

On the other hand, he maintained: “The River that Gallardo formed in recent years changed many names and, although they achieved many things, that River (from ’96 / ’97) had the virtue of having a consolidated team for a long time.” In addition, he sentenced: “I do not know if the River of ’96 / ’97 played better than today, but it was a team that had players from various South American teams and with a lot of hierarchy.”

Berti debuted in 1988 when belonged to Mouth and then went on to River, where he achieved 6 local titles and one international (that South American Super Cup of 1997). Also, he was part of the Argentina Selection at Championship of the world of France 98, where the Selection directed by Daniel Passarella fell in the quarterfinals to Holland.

He is currently 51 years old and acknowledged: “I would have liked to play and train in football today. It would have been better.” And to close, he indicated: “What I miss most about football are the concentrations and the preseason. If we look at today’s players, they are athletes, machines perfected to compete. We had another body and another preparation.”