At a time when The Spanish Royal House is not stopped talking about all the economic and sentimental scandals who are uncovering the king emeritus Juan Carlos I, now it is his grandson Froilán who has come to be in the media spotlight and precisely also because of an alleged romantic relationship with a woman well known on our small screen. It was in ‘Save me’ this Friday, July 31 when it was revealed that this could have maintained a sentimental idyll with celebrity Miriam Saavedra.

Froilán and Miriam Saavedra

She returned to the Telecinco and La Fábrica de la Tele space to talk about her relationship with Carlos Lozano, which is completely broken today.; What’s more, both have started a public confrontation that this Friday even ended with the Inca Princess about to suffer an anxiety attack live in the delivery of the space that Nuria Marín conducted in Mediaset. But what little could imagine this is that the worst was about to explode and that a question from Antonio David Flores made her explode and that A scandal linking the Mediaset universe with the Spanish Royal Household came to light.

« And what about your exits and entrances with Froilán, what happens? » The collaborator asked Saavedra.. She became very nervous and totally indignant, she did not hesitate to try to leave the set live so that the topic was not discussed. Minutes later, and despite the fact that he denied having had any kind of « affair » with the son of the Infanta Elena, as his partner suggested, Rafa Mora gave more information than the summer scandal promises to be. « They tell me that you and Mar Torres, Froilán’s girlfriend, had an altercation in a Madrid venue », the collaborator stated emphatically, something that Saavedra also denied.

Miriam Saavedra denies it

This affirmed that it is completely a lie that he knows Froilán and much less that he has had a confrontation with his girlfriend in the past. « I don’t know what you’re talking about « , she continued, while Rafa Mora seeing what was happening did not hesitate to uncover it live. He said that in one of the advertising breaks of ‘Save me’ she recognized this idyll, something that Saavedra claimed to be totally a lie. Who then tells the truth? A confidant of ‘Socialité’ has given truth to this alleged relationship this Saturday, August 1, but the truth is that for now there is no more information than what happened. Will the Inca Princess end up submitting to the Conchita polygraph to clarify everything?