Juan Fernando Quintero is very close to leaving River. Shenzhen FC (China) sent an offer to hire him for which Núñez’s club would have 9 million euros tax-free. Although it does not fulfill all the expectations of the « Millionaire », Juan fer wants to leave.

The journalist Nicolás Distasio reported in TNT Sports radio (Monday to Friday at 7 p.m. TNT Sports) that the intention of the 27-year-old Colombian hitch is to emigrate since the offer of the Chinese team would represent a great economic leap for his career.

Now from River they expect Quintero resign part of what corresponds (part of the salary that the players agreed to refinance for later due to the pandemic) so that the transaction can come to fruition. « Juanfer » has a contract with River until June 2022 and its termination clause is US $ 30 million. However, this sum is unattainable for this market.

We will have to wait for the next few hours to know how this counterpoint between Marcelo Gallardo’s team and the institution is resolved. Is goodbye coming from Juanfer Quintero?