The Porsche Taycan already circulates in Barcelona

The people of Barcelona have begun to see a unit of the new Porsche Taycan, the first fully electric car of the German company, circulating through Barcelona with a special decoration, the hashtag #GetTheTaycab.

It is an initiative of the Porsche Center of Barcelona, ​​the brand’s benchmark dealer, which was inaugurated in 2007. Between that date and 2011 it was awarded by the German firm as Dealer of the Year.

The first copies of the Porsche Taycan are already in the Porsche Center, and the first customers can already enjoy them. But to make it better known, the dealer is raffling on social networks a driving experience with the Taycan among those who manage to locate the Taycan who wear the hashtag #GetTheTaycab circulating in Barcelona and upload a photo to Instagram.

With the Taycan, Porsche offers its customers a fully electric, zero-emission car, thus completing the cycle started with the offering of hybrid models and which will continue to grow. All this without losing the traditional sporty driving feeling that a Porsche should offer.

But it is also a ‘conquest’ car. The German brand has observed that this car has interested many people who to date were not customers of the brand and who had never even thought of a Porsche. But they are people who want a luxurious car, with good performance, but above all respectful with the environment, enjoying the most advanced technology.

Recall that the Porsche Taycan is a 4-door saloon, 4.96 meters long. It has four possible engines between 530 and 750 horses, with base prices between 109,063 and 190,254 euros, with autonomies between 408 and 452 kilometers, depending on the version, to which must be added, where appropriate, the options and equipment extras that customers order to customize.



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