The Ponferradina remains unapproachable for the Mirandés, who is off the hook

The Ponferradina is still unapproachable for him CD Mirandés, whom he has beaten in all four matches since both teams returned to the silver category, and this Saturday he did it 1-0 with a goal from Oscar Sielva at the beginning of the second part.

The Berciano team ahead of Mirandés in the table and is located at a point in the area that gives access to the promotion promotion.

After a promising start by José Alberto López’s team, also facilitated by the fact that Deportiva seemed to give the ball to the rival, as it did in the previous appointment in The Toralín against Alcorcón, the game entered into equality as a result of the obsession to reduce errors as much as possible and risk the minimum.

In that clear scenario that the tie seemed to be the starting point for both teams, just a shot from Sergio
Aguza, that hit clear offside about Yuri misleading Lizoaín and sneaking into the goal to be annulled, broke the monotony.

Little by little the locals, without much conviction, took command of the match but without any depth before the orderly defense of the Mirandian team, which would suffer the injury of the limping Javi jimenez, replaced by Letic.

The entry into the second half was totally different in the team of Jon Perez Bolo, more vertical and with much more intention, warning from the first moment.

A good center of Aguza was combed by Valcarce in the prelude to the goal that would open the scoring, also with a leading role from Berciano, who picked up a ball saved in the baseline by Curro Sánchez, to put a perfect delivery on the arrival of Oscar Sielva, who, totally alone, had time to place your head butt out of reach of Lizoaín.

The goal gave even more wings to the Bercianos, who continued to be ambitious against a Mirandés who chose to give entry to one of the initial doubts, Cristo González, whom he had to resort to to seek more danger on a Caro who became a spectator.

A shot of Curro
Sanchez at the turnaround, he forced the visiting goalkeeper to show off, at a stage in which Bolo’s team began to feel more than comfortable.

The expulsion, for protesting the assistant, of Ivan
Martin forced López to rebuild his team, already decimated, to try to continue competing against an opponent who began to see the possibility of opening more gap, as in a Colombian ride Juergen Elitim and then a shot that licked the crossbar.

[+] See the summary of the match:

1. SD Ponferradine: Expensive; Paris, Amo, Pascanu, Moi Delgado; Larrea, Sielva; Curro Sánchez (Doncel, M. 92), Aguza (Elitim, M. 62), Pablo Valcarce and Yuri (Dani Romera, M. 83).

0. CD Mirandés: Lizoaín; Genaro, Vivián, Trigueros, Javi Jiménez (Letic, M. 30); Pablo Martínez (Cristo, M. 61), Meseguer (Álex López, M. 61), Javi Muñoz; Iván Martín, Simón Moreno (Jackson, M. 46) and Djouahra (Mario Barco, M. 80).

Goal: 1-0, m.52: Sielva.

Referee: Eduardo Prieto Iglesias (Navarrese committee). He admonished Amo (M. 39), for the Ponferradina; and Meseguer (M. 24) and Iván Martínez (M. 24), who was sent off with a direct red card in the 72nd minute, Cristo (M. 90), Trigueros (M. 90) and coach José Alberto López at the end of the match .

Incidents: Meeting corresponding to the twenty-sixth day of LaLiga SmartBank played, behind closed doors, at the El Toralín stadium.