“The politics of feelings”, by Marta Flich

How are you, Capricorn friend? Political parties care a lot. Or so the populists say. Those who claim that they are like you, that they are a victim, that they know what problems you have and that they can solve it easily. The important thing is how you feel!

It would be very good, if it weren’t a lie. Whether it is Spanish nationalism or Catalan independence, they follow the same strategy: appropriate symbols and make them their own, to create identities from which they can exclude others. And, incidentally, vote for them!


“Can there be someone who is happy about a humanitarian crisis?”, By Marta Flich

“It’s my story and I fuck it whenever I want”, by Marta Flich

“A thing called politics”, by Marta Flich

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.

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