The political agreement to renew the RTVE Council is getting closer and closer

On February 17, Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Casado had a telephone conversation with the aim of bring positions closer to certain state bodies and the need to renew them. During that conversation, the need to find an outlet for the appointments of the General Council of the Judiciary was discussed, but there was also space for Spanish Television. A week later, the agreement to renew the RTVE Council is getting closer and closer.


Necessary go back to July 2018 to find the appointment of Rosa María Mateo as Sole Administrator of the Spanish Radio and Television Corporation. At first, it was designated on a « temporary » basis as a public tender procedure was being developed to elect the future president; however, changes in government and the absence of an agreement has extended this situation up to three years.

In the words of Teodoro García Egea, Secretary General of the main opposition party, he has announced that the unlocking would be about to end, since the intention of the Executive is to give the green light to the agreement that integrates the renewal of the RTVE Council. Its new configuration depends directly on the Cortes Generales: of the ten members who are part of the governing body, seven are elected by the Congress of Deputies and four by the Senate, taking into account that both chambers need a two-thirds majority.

The appointments depend on PP, PSOE and United We Can

To get this agreement to the end, The Council would be divided between the two blocks of parties that prevail in the Lower House in proportion to the seats they hold. The PSOE and Unidas Podemos would appoint a total of six positions, while some parties that belong to the opposition bloc could choose the remaining four if everything goes according to plan.

The sum of the deputies of the three parties mentioned (120 + 89 + 35) is sufficient, a minimum of 234 is needed, so that the unblocking reaches its end in the Congress of Deputies. Otherwise, there is the option of taking a second vote after the fifteen days stipulated by current legislation. Once this step is achieved, we will have to wait to see if RTVE has a new presidency.