The Police prepares an ID card with a microchip that we can carry on our mobile

The use of mobile payment ‘contactless’ is increasingly widespread, even more so when they recommend not using bills or coins to avoid direct contact in this context of pandemic. However, many claimed that our smartphone -which already works for almost everything- also allows us to identify ourselves so that we do not have to carry any type of document.

Although the Public Administration already has tools such as the DNIe for some online processes, we still do not have the possibility of have the DNI fully digitized on our smartphone. Up to now: the new DNI 4.0 It will allow us to have our data on the mobile.

The director general of the National Police, Francisco Pardo Piqueras, announced the project on Tuesday in the Congress of Deputies during the presentation of the budgets for 2021.

The National Police has explained this initiative called Identidad Digital DNIe ,. to be carried out with a global endowment of 25 million euros and resources from the European Union Fund. Of all that amount, 6.5 million euros will be allocated to the development of various tools, including this Dni 4.0. In turn, it will work on other resources such as the Express DNI, the inclusion of tablets in the issuance of documents, the payment of fees through POS terminals and the App ‘DNIe on mobile’.

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Although the details of this application are not yet known, it will be similar to the one that the DGT has to carry the driver’s license on the mobile.

The objective of the Police is to speed up the creation of the DNI – such as paying the fee with a card or taking the photograph in the office itself – and allow us to always carry it with us.

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