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This author’s story can be read on May 24.


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May 23, 2020, 12:01 p.m.

On a night when the moon was yellow, the poet Judith Bautista Fajardo was born, in the middle of the summer solstice and on the hills that surround Bogotá.

Today she is a poet and teacher, as well as a cultural manager, and also, the protagonist of the Literary Café blog on May 25 at ELTIEMPO.COM.

Thanks to an aunt who taught her how to write, she started creating poems at the age of 8. And it has many. Among them, Rain of colors and Under the table.

He has been in literature for 30 years and with his poetry he walks the paths of human thoughts and feelings.

Bautista has his works in various publications and not only his history, but also his work with words, his way of seeing the world through poetry, will be available this May 25 at: http://blogs.eltiempo.com/cafeliterario

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