Carlos adds a fifth to an almost perfect start to the McLaren season

Lando Norris earned third position in a hand-to-hand fight against Carlos

Carlos Sainz feels he could have finished on the podium at the 2020 2020 Austrian GP, ​​where he has seen the finish line in fifth position after embarking on a comeback from eighth position after the second period of safety car.

Sainz has fought wheel to wheel with his partner Lando Norris four laps from the end, but the Briton has defended his position and the Spanish could not pass him. Lando took advantage of moments after a time sanction on Lewis Hamilton to add his first podium.

The man from Madrid values ​​that it has been a positive race and does not let the final result tarnish all the previous work. He also feels that perhaps the situation would have been different had he not started from eighth position, whereas he was unable to make the most of his MCL35 in Q3.

“For my part, good race. Maybe that podium has escaped us in the fight with Lando. I almost passed him, but he pushed me out a little and in the end I had to lift. There was the podium. If not, I think we could have been third. Starting eighth, it’s another good Sunday. A pity yesterday’s classification, which has kept us a bit behind, “said Sainz for the Movistar + F1 microphones after the race.

Sainz’s fifth and Norris’s third are good news for McLaren fans, who feared the force with which Racing Point threatened.

The Spanish started in eighth position and has managed to climb to fifth in a survival race, in which only 11 drivers have reached the finish line.

“Very good day for the whole team. A well-deserved result after a difficult winter and a difficult situation for the team. Finding a third and a fifth is very good news. Congratulations to Lando for that podium; I’m sure he is very excited as he did to me last year, “said Carlos.

In a race with constant struggles and in which safety cars have played an important role, some did not understand that Carlos entered the second lap of the ‘safety car’ that came after the abandonment of George Russell. The Spanish reveals that it was his decision and ensures that they did the right thing.

“Stopping on the second lap of that safety car was my decision because I believed that I did not have enough space with Lando and that I was going to waste a lot of time at the stop, but in the end we made the right decision and it did not take too long “Sainz has expressed to finish.

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