The player who closes the door of Atlético

It may seem incredible but the Atlético de Madrid it is leading, it is the team with the least thrashed in the league championship and at the moment one of the issues to improve is defense. The colchoneros have conceded a goal in the last six games. Without a doubt it is one of the topics that occupies the most Simeone actually.

Atlético fit in again and are one game away from their worst streak of the Era Simeone

The colchoneros conceded five goals in 2020 and in this start of 2021 they have seen their goal drilled nine times. Something very unusual in a team of the Cholo Simeone. In fact, after the two goals conceded in Cádiz, the players already received a Cholina Trying to stop this bleeding back “Defense is our strength,” he repeated several times during the extended talk.

Cholina de Simeone before training

But what has changed in the Atlético de Madrid? During this time it is true that Hermoso’s loss has done a lot of damage because there is no substitute in that left-handed central defender. Felipe is not finished and Gimenez Y Savic they have not been able to adapt either. But in recent games Mario has returned, and the goals continue to fall …

In this 2021 there has only been one game in which the mattresses managed to leave their door immaculate. It was on January 12 before the Seville. They won 2-0. Just that is the only game that has played Trippier thanks to the precautionary measure obtained by the club for the sanction of the English Federation soccer.

And that this season Kieran He has opened the position of lane and is not as important in the defensive section as when he was a winger. At the end of 2020 he was the most used outfield player by the Cholo. He had played it all. Injury to Vrsaljko caused that rotations did not exist for him in the first leg of the season.

Since Simeone He cannot count on their services. He has looked for different solutions, although none of them convinces him. In that right lane he has placed Vrsaljko which is its natural substitute, to Marcos Llorente who plays ahead, to Carrasco and even a few minutes it was Gimenez. But none of them have finished convincing the Argentine coach.

At the beginning of March the sanction of the British ends. We will see if by that time the Cholo You have either found a way to close the mat door or you will have to wait until you return to the pitch.

Without trippier

Alavés-Atlético de Madrid, 1-2

Cornella-Atlético de Madrid, 1-0

Eibar-Atlético de Madrid, 1-2

Atlético de Madrid-Valencia, 3-1

Cádiz-Atlético de Madrid, 2-4

Atlético de Madrid-Celta, 2-2

Granada-Atlético de Madrid, 1-2

Raise-Atlético de Madrid, 1-1

With Trippier

Atlético de Madrid-Sevilla, 2-0