The plaque in tribute to Cristina La Veneno is once again in the Parque del Oeste

More than a year and a half has passed since the first plaque in tribute to Cristina Ortiz La Veneno was uprooted in an act of vandalism just a week after being placed by the Madrid City Council, which at that time was led by Manuela Carmena. Since then, different associations, LGBTI + groups and even political formations have demanded that the plaque be replaced.

Friends and admirers next to the new plaque in tribute to ‘La Veneno’

It was not until the morning of December 4, 2020 when, Finally, this plate has been installed in the same location as the previous one, in the well-known Parque del Oeste in Madrid. The replacement, demanded by Más Madrid, has become an event attended by admirers and friends of the late star and television icon, who have watched with emotion as the plaque was installed between photos and graffiti that, for months, have replaced to continue commemorating the life of Cristina Ortiz.

Faced with the threat of possible new attacks, the Junta de Moncloa-Aravaca announced that the new plate would have an « anti-vandalism system » Consisting of a transparent methacrylate sheet that would improve its resistance and provide it with a « better anchoring ». This would ensure the durability of what has become a monument and place almost of worship for those who do not forget the visibility that the artist who inspired the Atresplayer Premium series ‘Veneno’ brought in the 90s.

« It is a victory »

Eduardo Fernández Rubiño, from Más Madrid, has expressed his joy on his Twitter account for the replacement of the tribute to La Veneno. According to the senator, this plaque, whose inscription reads « In memory of Cristina Ortiz, La Veneno, brave transsexual woman visible in the 90s », is « a victory for all the people who have been claiming it for months and showing signs of affection ».