The Pixel 5 It is a phone that has been leaked on several occasions, one of which ruled out the possibility that we had an XL model, and that has already been confirmed by Google itself. In the presentation of the Pixel 4a it was already clearly indicated that the Pixel 5 would land in the autumn although the unofficial dates already point directly to the month of October.

The Pixel 5 should become, by tradition, the new leading device in the catalog of the already North American manufacturer although it seems, according to a leaked benchmark, that This time it will not be a high-end range, or super high end. The AI ​​benchmark has exposed a known and powerful brain, but alienated from the market leaders.

A Pixel 5 with the Snapdragon 765G

It was already rumored, during one of the leaks of the future Pixel 5, that Google planned not to bet on the most powerful processor available in order to lower the price of its new line. According to AI Benchmark and its latest recorded results, it seems that it will finally be like this although, as always happens in these cases, the information will not be exact or official until Google itself reveals it.

So, with the Snapdragon 865+ on the market and with the first-year model available, the 865 without a surname Plus, Google would have opted for a super mid-range gaming brain for its Pixel 5. The Snapdragon 765G is the one that appears registered in the aforementioned benchmark And from what we know so far, we won’t have a Pixel 5 XL this time to raise the stakes.

In tests recorded by AI Benchmark, the Pixel 5 appears sporting the aforementioned Snapdragon 765G along with 8GB of RAM. The final result of the test is that the phone scores 39.4 points, placing, as expected, even below the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, both with last year’s Snapdragon 855 and better in performance in code of artificial intelligence.

As we have already said before, the Pixel 5 is expected in autumn, if the leaks do not fail we will have it among us in October, and then we will have first hand each and every one of its specifications. We will see if this processor change, if confirmed, supposes a decrease in the price of the Pixel family. Maybe we will go back to the range of 500 to 600 euros?

Via | AI Benchmark


The Pixel 5 won’t be a high-end phone according to AI Benchmark