The pick up’s are in fashion and this will give the note …

SUVs have come to the market to change the way of thinking of customers. Now they are sold as “churros” and that is making brands launch into an endless race to launch the more the merrier. But in addition, they have caused other market segments to fold or expand to accommodate their new business situation. One of the most benefited is the pick up´s, who are living a new “youth.”

We see this in how the number of brands that want to venture into it grows. The Hyundai santa cruz He is one of the last members to arrive although, to be fair, his spirit has been among us for more than five years. Now after a lot of delays and half progress, is presented to us to confirm what we already sensed. This is a very attractive product that wants to put its Japanese and Yankee arch enemies on the ropes.

The Hyundai Santa Cruz looks exactly nailed to the new Tucson

A few days ago we could see a preview of the expected Hyundai santa cruz. It was through official sketches that the South Korean brand confirmed what we expected. We meant that the esthetic of this pick up the code that debuted the new generation of Tucson. Therefore, the front and its design elements are shared between one model and another. However, there are exclusive elements that distance one from another.

Just take a look at the design on the side or rear. In the first instance, the “A” and “C” pillars are more inclined, providing a more dynamic touch to the whole. The fenders receive plastic moldings with exclusive details, such as the top trim. To maintain the versatility that the Tucson provides, it has some black painted roof bars. The alloy wheels, too, are shared with the SUV.

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Finally, there is the rear, the area that presents the most news. Count one 1.32 meter bathtub with different options to close it. The optics are new, with horizontal arrangement and LED technology. One section is on the access door and another on the side. In addition, the name Santa Cruz is engraved on the plate. For its part, the bumper is simple, with simple corners to enhance off road dimensions and allow more comfortable access.

Quality and technological interior … another copy of the Tucson

Inside the house, those responsible for Hyundai santa cruz they have followed in the footsteps of the Tucson. That is, we have a cabin with a modern design and high quality. As standard it has a central touch screen with 8 inches in size and connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A 10-inch with the same functions is available as an option, as well as a configurable digital instrument panel with various views.

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In terms of capacity, the Santa Cruz maintains a correct five seats. In addition, to make up for the lack of a “conventional” trunk, it has numerous hollow objects holder. As in the cargo bath, there are separate compartments under the second row seats. The security section is at a high level, including help such as pedestrian and cyclist detector, Lane Keeping Assist, or Driver Attention Warning.

Mechanical offer to the Yankee taste, atmospheric gasoline and turbo

To finish we must talk about the mechanical offer of Hyundai santa cruz. The access version uses an atmospheric gasoline block of four cylinders and 2.5 liters. The brand does not confirm the final power, limiting itself to indicating that it will offer more than 142 kW (188 hp) power and more than 244 Nm of pair. Its management is entrusted to an 8-speed automatic transmission that sends power to all four wheels. It can tow up to 1,590 kilos.

The most benefit option uses a 2.5 Smartstream turbocharged gasoline engine. Its performance is superior, with a power that should exceed 205 kW (280 hp) and more than 420 Nm of torque. In this case, we have a 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with paddles on the steering wheel. As in its younger brother, all-wheel drive is standard but in this case it can tow more than 2,270 kilos.

When will the Hyundai Santa Cruz hit the market?

For now all we know is that the Hyundai Santa Cruz will be manufactured in the factory that the South Korean firm has in Montgomery (Alabama – United States). This confirms what we already suspected and that it has to do with his possible arrival in Europe. At first it is not planned, although when mounting the same platform as the Tucson they would not have to make many changes to adapt the range to our tastes.

Its sale will start in North America once summer comes into our lives. It will be then when we know their prices, equipment possibilities and if there are chances of it reaching other regions of the globe.

Source – Hyundai