By Sebastian Quiroz
06/03/2020 9:19 am

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath It arrived last week in digital format. This new content adds an epilogue to the story, more characters, settings, friendships, and a couple of updates that any base game fan needs. The good news doesn’t end here, as Warner Bros. plans to release a physical edition of the game with all the content for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. The thing is, the hybrid console version doesn’t seem to come with a cartridge.

This information comes from Amazon, where the title box clearly mentions that it does not come with a cartridge, i.e. it only includes a code to download the game. Something that will undoubtedly be annoying for all those who prefer to collect physical games.


MK11: Aftermath Kollection is not the first case of something similar. A couple of months ago it was announced that The Outer Worlds would not have a cartridge either. Fortunately, after a slight delay, Private Division confirmed that the physical edition of this title will indeed include a cartridge.

Now, the physical edition of Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Kollecction will be available on June 16, so we doubt that Warner Bros. decides to change its mind and start producing cartridges. This collection offers the base game, the Kombat Pack and Aftermath. On related topics, you can check out our review of this new content here.


Via: Nintendo Everything

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