The physical change of Isaac Torres before his jump to television

Isaac Torres is one of the characters on everyone’s lips ever since an explicit video of sexual content with Marina García was leaked in ‘The island of temptations’. However, the fantastic newspaper library that is the internet has given us the opportunity to see how the tempter has changed over the years and, like good wine, it has improved.

Isaac Torres with 25 years vs. 19 years

Isaac finally launched himself into the world of work at the age of nineteen and shared his resume on YouTube hoping to find a job, away from the spotlight until then. And, although the raw material exists, The video presents us with a young boy with a certain cocky appearance, while reviewing his academic and work-related life, as a soccer coach and gym instructor. From the minutes that the video clip lasts, it can be understood that is someone quite a sports fan and that everything seems to indicate that he would have liked to direct his life down that path.

However, the passage of time has brought Isaac a physical change that is visible and liked by many people. The self-nicknamed « wolf » began to grow wide and, although it maintains its essence, the passage of time is noticeable. Something like this has happened to him in two of the reality shows on our television, starting with the steamy showers with Adela in ‘Super Shore’ from the first night of the program and, for now, with Marina in ‘The island of temptations’. Will it be the only one with whom you share more than words in this edition?

Isaac’s storie completely naked on Instagram

Around the controversies that have arisen around the leaked videos, the networks have recovered an audiovisual document that appeared on the tempter’s Instagram account. Victim of a hack, he argues, the architects of that act shared a video in which Isaac recorded himself with the interior screen of his mobile and, after focusing on his face and torso, appears on screen naked and clutching his parts.