Source: Instagram @larissariquelme

More than ten years since its debut in the media, Larissa Riquelme continues to attract different passionate generations of soccer thanks to his incessant photos on networks, which usually cause a tendency for how daring they are and for the amount of reactions they have.

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This time, the call « Girlfriend of the world cup in South Africa 2020 » He surprised people and strangers with an incredible photograph on his Instagram profile. In this, a Larissa Riquelme posing in front of the cameras with a tiny bikini while lying on his bed. The photo has an incalculable beauty by the challenging gaze of the Paraguayan, who turned 35 last February.

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This publication generated a major stir practically since its appearance on the internet. And it is that, in just a few days, it surpassed the barrier of 20 thousand likes. In addition, she generated dozens of comments that congratulated her on show the incomparable figure that shows and that made her win the heart of the fans more than a decade ago.

All of these attributes place Larissa Riquelme as one of the personalities close to the sport most charismatic and followed in the digital world. Proof of this are the little more than 1.2 million fans registered on Instagram, which grow rapidly every time she uploads something to her account.