The PFF denounces Billy Álvarez for equal tax fraud

Israel Rodriguez

La Jornada newspaper
Tuesday, February 23, 2021, p. a11

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office (PFF) filed a complaint against Guillermo Héctor Álvarez Cuevas, known as Billy Álvarez, who was president of the Cruz Azul Cooperative, for the crime of equal tax fraud.

From the analysis to the information integrated in the investigation folder of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), experts attached to the PFF determined that Billy Álvarez declared in fiscal year 2016 lower income than he actually obtained, ceasing to pay the amount of 984 thousand 491.38 pesos of Income Tax (ISR).

With this action, the institutional coordination between the Attorney General’s Office and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit to combat tax crimes is clear, regardless of characters from any medium, whether artistic or from the world of soccer, said tax sources.

The Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF), belonging to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), reported that the accounts of the former president of Cruz Azul will continue to be frozen

Due to due process, the FIU does not identify the character, whom it refers to as Guillermo N.

In May 2020, the FIU, headed by Santiago Nieto Castillo, blocked the bank accounts of three senior managers of the Cruz Azul cooperative: its president, Guillermo Billy Álvarez, his brother Alfredo Álvarez, and Víctor Garcés.

The FIU is investigating these characters for alleged money laundering and organized crime, having detected movements in their bank accounts for 1.2 billion pesos, which were allegedly diverted abroad to accounts in the United States and Spain.

Through a statement, the FIU indicated that it received the notification from the eighteenth collegiate court in administrative matters in Mexico City, where it is reported that it definitively denied the suspension requested for the unblocking of the bank accounts of Guillermo N.

The foregoing because the FIU demonstrated that said blockade was carried out in compliance with international commitments.

Finally, the FIU informs that with this resolution Guillermo N’s accounts will remain blocked until the main lawsuit is resolved.