The Perfumerías Avenida, at the end of the Euroleague

04/18/2021 at 12:07 AM CEST


Perfumerías Avenida beat Hungarian Sopron tonight in Istanbul, 72-61, thanks to a great second half and qualified for the Euroleague final, which will play on Sunday against Russian Ekaterinburg.

The Salamanca team agreed to their third European final after a great game of all the players that the coach put on the field Roberto Íñiguez, who returned to give a strategy class, and with a brilliant Tiffany Hayes, with 24 points of valuation.

In the first two quarters, the game took place, above all, under the baskets, without either team taking off on the scoreboard and with Sopron with great seriousness in its defensive work, based on individual defense.

The Hungarian team has in its ranks Hatar, who imposed his physique under the rim and was the true standard of the Sopron defense and, in addition, Krajisnik entered the court to equalize the defensive plays.

At Perfumerías Avenida, Hayes showed his quality, his solvency against the opposite basket and his ease in difficult shots. What’s more, Maite Cazorla and Silvia Domínguez did a great defensive job against Fegyverneky that prevented the Hungarians from standing out on the scoreboard.

In the second quarter, Sopron was superior to Salamanca, thanks to Hatar, in the inner zone, and Walker, with large shooting percentages, before what appeared, once again, There is, which prevented the Hungarians from escaping on the scoreboard.

After the break, Perfumerías Avenida took a turn in their game and in the intensity of their players, especially in defense, playing calmly, knowing that they could make a total turn in the result.

In the third quarter he demonstrated solvency as a team, despite the fact that Hof made the third personal at the beginning of the period and Lou Samuelson began to show his brilliance, which led the Salamanca team to impose on the scoreboard a difference that allowed him to enjoy and manage the times.

In the last quarter, the Salamanca team believed the option of reaching their third European final, Hayes continued to show his quality and Karlie Samuelson was seen, both with two consecutive triples.

Perfumerías Avenida managed, based on play and insistence, to be in its third final of a Euroleague thanks to There is already a coach like Roberto Íñiguez who knew how to read the game and his opponent.

In the first semi-final, Ekaterinburg beat Turkish Fenerbahce by a tight 84-88, which also meant a confrontation between Spanish coaches, Miguel Mendez, leading the Russian team, and Víctor Lapeña, with the Turks.

– Data sheet:

72 – Perfumerías Avenida (16 + 14 + 20 + 22): Cazorla (4), Hayes (25), K. Samuelson (5), Hof (8), Lou Samuelson (16) -starting five- Silvia Domínguez (2) , Leo Rodríguez (2), Milic (8) and Allarie (2).

61 – Sopron Basket (10 + 22 + 10 + 19): January (15), Fegyverneky (2), Williams (9), Brooks (8) and Hatar (4) -starting five- Krajisnik (14), Czukor and Megan Walker (9).

Referees: Juras (Serbia), Velikov (Bulgaria) and Vulic (Croatia). Eliminated by five personal fouls Jelena Brooks, Sopron; and Emese Hof, from Perfumerías Avenida.

Pavilion: Second semifinal of the Euroleague played at the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul (Turkey).