The Honorary President of Bayern, Franz beckenbauer, has recognized that the great performance of his team against Barcelona « only comes out once » and has said that he sees a 50 percent chance of the European final against Paris Saint-Germain, whom he considers « a truly good team ».


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« In the semifinals we didn’t play like we did against Barcelona. A performance like this only comes out once. But the match against Lyon also impressed me because Lyon are also a great team. The French had the first chances and Manuel Neuer It stopped wonderfully a couple of times. Then Bayern took control of the match and did not release it again, « he recalled Beckenbauer on the German team website.

Beckenbauer highlighted the physical condition of the players | .

Regarding the final, the former player warned that « a really good team » awaits them. « It is going to be the most difficult game of the season. I cannot perceive any weakness and I foresee a dominance exchange match. I hope that both teams do not hide too much, that they do not respect each other too much and that they play as before: fresh, with joy and with win. It is a match between teams of the same level. I would say that it is 50% for each one. Sometimes you need the necessary bit of luck and if Bayern have it, they will win the game, « he analyzed.